On Academic Vlogging

It’s been a almost a year now (just a month away) since I started making youtube videos, I have always wanted to share my thought with everybody, I grew up as a very talkative child, and the became an introvert who have a slight problem with speaking to people directly in their eyes. Well, I started my channel wanting to talk about issues and teach theories as I understand them. For example, the three most basic International Relations theories, Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism, but I always get scared right when I decided to shoot.

I am a liberal arts student as some of you may already know, so I kinda know what I will be talking about, but the thought of teaching others in the internet scares me, so much that I just resign into teaching my fellow students our professor’s lecture that they can’t seem to grasp, or was too fast-paced.

Is this fear rational? Do other academic vloggers feel this as well? I don’t know but i really want to talk about this things, I have been preparing different papers and reading to guide whoever will watch them to understand the theories and make it simpler and more comprehensible for them. I just don’t know.

Do you have some tips or advice you could give me?

Should I just start my academic vlogging in a just blogging. Help me.


2 thoughts on “On Academic Vlogging

  1. Rocco B says:

    The biggest known secret, secret on you tube is: scripting!!!. Write out what you want to say. Keep your eyes on the camera, whilst secretly reading off your script. Practise this until your happy with your recording. With more practise, you’ll get more confident at it.

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