Bawling my eyes out at 3 AM : Sekine’s Love

Last night, more properly, this early morning, I was bawling my heart out for this particular manga I came across. It entitled Sekine-kun no Koi or Sekine’s Love. 

Sekine-Kun no Koi by Kawachi Haruka

Sekine’s love is the story of a good looking man who ended up so good at knitting. Keichiro Sekine is a perfert gentleman, with photgenic looks and good manners, girls flock around him because of that. It seems that his like is perfect, doesn’t it? 

Sekine feeling empty just break my heart

But it isn’t. Like any of us Sekine feels empty inside. Something pushed Sekine to finding a hobby, something he would truly love, something that would inspire him. It is how fate moved to let Sekine and Kirasagi Sara meet each other. 

Kirasagi Sara

And as any romance manga move, Sekine and Sara developed feelings for each other. Sekine fumbling around the feeling of love, it was the first time he felt this way, it was his first attempt at love. Sara, on the other hand, a simple girl struggles with all the attention, not wanting to believe this was a romantic manga. It seems cliche right? But isn’t love cliche? 

Why the f does he look so sexy while wiping his tears?

Misunderstanding sprouts from all this second guessing and all the emotion. Sekine gets hurt. Sara shielding herself from Sekine, but won’t all of us do the same? Sekine, was just so damn perfect, itbwas just so good to be true. But he was only human, he has feelings.

Now let’s talk about how good he looks even while crying? This manga really caught my heart. It was the heart wrenching feeling of first love. The reality of how loving hurts so much, how it makes us greedy, yet at the same time making us feel so happy just with the glimpse of that person. This is just a cool read for any romantics and shoujo/josei-sucker out there.

That’s all for now, now go forth and bawl your eyes out for this manga!



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